Tuesday, January 27, 2015

DIY Closet Island

So you have an ugly, old, plain looking dresser that you don't need anymore. It's in good shape and would be a waste to just throw away. I can show you an easy, less expensive way to turn that thing into this:

Although it took me about a month to have a finishing project because of a busy schedule with the holidays and work, the actual process could take you a weekend. I will take you step by step and show you just what I did :)

Before you start spray painting, make sure that the surface is clean and clear of dust. I would suggest doing this outside but it was too cold outside so I decided to do it in my room. Just make sure you lay something underneath and cover up anything surrounding it because the spray does get all over.  I purchased a white satin finish with the primer in it to save time and work. It's gonna take a few coats to get a solid color. Eventually, I got a can of paint and just painted the entire thing.

I took the backing off since I wanted that open look but it was helpful while I spray painted, like a protectant, so I didn't end up spraying my carpet. That would not have been cool. 

I decided to keep the original knobs for the drawers and spray painted them gold. You can switch knobs easily but since I was looking for gold anyway and the ones I found looked the same, I saved some money. The spray paint I used was the Rustoleum in metallic gold. 

I had to remove all hardware before I painted but since I'm keeping the top two drawers, now is the time to reinstall them. They're labeled with left and right just in case I forgot, the rest I tossed along with the drawers themselves. I painted the drawers with a roller and it came out nice and smooth. After they dried, I put the knobs back and slid the drawers into place.

Time to create my own mirror tabletop with molding! I purchased two long moldings from Home Depot for about $7 each. Just make sure you measure the table first to make sure you would have enough. Home depot will cut the molding for you, but I have a brother in construction who did it for me. The endings were cut diagonally so the molding acted as a frame. Finding a mirror the same size was so hard, I would've had to get it custom made and wait for it to come in the mail, and I didn't wanna wait. I had a mirror that was in the hallway, that actually came with the house when we moved in, so I removed it to size it and it wasn't an exact fit BUT it would work. Woohoo! Mama wasn't too happy but I promised her another. 

Say Hi Ed! (Kitty wouldn't move, what else is new)

I originally bought glass from Home Depot but turns out they don't cut glass and the associate told me I could probably get it cut at Lowe's but no they wouldn't. So of course I had to return those. Lowe's actually had the size I needed and turned out to be cheaper. I needed 4 pieces of 12x26,  which they were able to cut a 24x26 into two pieces. Voila! 

Since I already had holes predrilled from the drawers that were there, I was able to twist/screw in nails that have a flat end to them. I placed a glass piece on to make sure it wouldn't fall, and I was a little weary about it sliding off so I added velvet grips just in case.

I placed the mirror in the exact spot I wanted it to be and framed it with the moldings, making sure they were lined up. I nailed it in place with gold nails which showed so I got a small makeup brush I don't use and painted it white so it blended it. 

The finished product!  Now comes the organizing and decorating! ;)


I hope this was inspirational!
Happy organizing!! Xoxo

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