Wednesday, January 7, 2015

GQ & Leather

When I think of a manly closet, I think of GQ, leather, and dark wood cabinetry. I don't know why. A man's closet is rather simple, compared to a woman's closet....well I guess it depends on the type of man you are, BUT for the most part, a man's closet consists of sports coats, suits, button-downs, t-shirts, slacks, and shoes and accessories- such as hats, belts, ties, and watches. Here's a few inspirational ideas to help organize a man's closet. 

I love to color coordinate and fold T-shirts so they lay neatly on top of each other like above.

I love the idea of tie boxes, they look more unified and tidy as opposed to hanging them like the first photo. You can use drawer organizers to separate them and you can find a variety here. You can also use trays to place inside your drawers.

Separate and group your button downs, coats, and slacks together to make it look more unified. Storage boxes also give a nice piece of decor as well as serve a purpose.

Watch or cufflink boxes are not expensive storage items to have and really display, as well as care for them. You can find a variety here and here.


I love putting shoes on display, it makes finding shoes easier by seeing all of your options!

Although I'm a big advocate for the Slimline velvet hangers for space saving, wooden hangers are a must for a classy, masculine closet. Be sure to stock up! You can find a 12-pack of light or dark finish wood at Bed, Bath and Beyond for only $9.99. Amazon even has great deals on wooden hangers in bulk!

I hope this has been inspiring to tear your husband's or boyfriend's closet and give him a GQ closet! 

Happy organizing!

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