Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Closet Makeover- Men's Edition

I've never attempted to makeover a man's closet, but I thought to myself, What difference could there be? But there is.... it's the EASIEST thing I've done! Men can be so generic, they stick to certain clothing and get it in every color, especially this guy...and you'll see what I mean! I hope that seeing this will inspire you to want to re-do your husband's, father's, boyfriend's or whoever's closet! Time spent: 4 1/2 hours.

The system that was being used before had collapsed, 
leaving everything on the floor and a rack. 

Some clothes didn't make the cut into living in this closet. :(

BEFORE PHOTOS- A man's idea of great storage!

The back of this wall is drywall, so we had to use special hardware 
to keep it from collapsing. What's great about this system is that the brackets are removable and you can design the setup anyway you like! ClosetMaid ShelfTrack Closet Organizer Kit- available at Home Depot: Click here ( prices vary depending on size of closet)


It's always a great thing to see your carpet. 

Stackable shoe racks are available anywhere. 
I used two racks here from Home Depot at $14.97 each- Click here

Of course, I have to color coordinate the sweaters, dark to light!


This is a NO NO. I hung the ties on a tie rack that also 
hooks onto the wire shelf very easily, making it convenient. (below)


POLOS, POLOS, POLOS! Can this guy have enough?!

These felt hangers were great space savers and light-weight. Heavy hangers would 
have added more weight. We don't want this closet to collapse again! 

RealSimple Slimline Hangers available HERE! 
A box of 50 for $29.99!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Closet Makeover

Organizing, organizing, organizing! It is the BEST feeling to walk into your closet and having no trouble finding the outfit you're looking for! That was not the case with this beautiful walk-in but we were able to clean it up and actually see the floor! We made all clothing, shoes available and visible so she can't miss a thing! I hope you like the turnout and are inspired to have your closet makeover!
AFTER, A visible floor!

A stool in your closet makes anything on the top shelf reachable.

I had the luxury of having sections already made in this closet so it made sectioning clothing easy! We seperated dresses onto one rack and tops onto another!
Baskets add a touch of elegance but also makes storing easier. Whatever you decide to store inside, it's easier to carry down the basket itself rather than pulling for that item, which may result in the whole pile to fall down. For example, we stored his and her cardigans inside these baskets. (Above and Below)
Purses are stored along side the baskets, visible and not in cardboard boxes.
Folding sweaters look presentable and save the fabric from ripping when you hang them.
Extra storage for scarves, belts, flip-flops, etc. Each drawer is labeled with what is inside with my Handy- Dandy Labelmaker!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Organized Purse

Any girl knows that trying to stay organized in your purse is like throwing your things into an abyss. Whether you have a small handbag or a large purse, somehow you just end up filling it with nonsense items. You never find what you need when you need it and you spend so much time digging through just to find it. I personally like to carry a bag that can carry it all but still be stylish! You can see below that everything I need fits neatly into my bag and with room to spare! I stay organized with the essentials and never have a problem finding exactly what I need! I hope you find this helpful! 
Happy Organizing!

  • Wallets
  • Planner
  • Sunglasses
  • Essential Kit
  • Keys (not shown)
  • Cell Phone (not shown)

I carry two wallets because although the one below carries everything I need in wallet, sometimes it's too bulky so the small one just holds what I need for a quick-n-go!

This is what I call  my Essential Kit and I carry it all in this bag below so they don't get lost!

I'm a paper and pen kinda gal, no planner gadgets for me!
I always carry a planner where I can write it all down! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kids' Closet

For all you Mommys!

Organizing a child's closet can be frustrating and tedious,
but if you have the right solutions, it's easy to maintain.
This closet is for two girls, ages 3 and 5. We started by editing out clothes they no longer fit in for don't wear. She had her younger daughter's clothes on the bottom rack and her oldest on the top. The 5yr. old can dress herself so we then switched her things to the bottom so she doesn't have to worry about reaching for her clothes. The baskets were useful for odds-n-ends, shorts and of course Pull-ups/Diapers. We even had time to organize their toys and books! I hope you find this useful and inspiring!


The green rug was a great touch to the theme for the bedroom.

White hangers can be found just about anywhere in bulks
for a great price!

White cubbies have 15 slots and their small enough
to fit tiny shoes! $27 @ Lowe's

Pulls-ups and Diapers

Their shorts are tiny enough to just fold in
half and we even color coordinated them.


Baskets are made by Closet Maid, about $7 for one at Target.

Bookshelf and baskets are great for tiny toys and odds-n-ends.

Happy Organizing Mommys!

Monday, July 16, 2012


Just a few of my favorite organization ideas and DYI projects!

I love this idea of storing behind your staircase!
C'est Magnifique!


DYI, paint your hangers any color you want, different colors.
Be creative!

Last but not least, my favorite of all!


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