Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kids' Closet

For all you Mommys!

Organizing a child's closet can be frustrating and tedious,
but if you have the right solutions, it's easy to maintain.
This closet is for two girls, ages 3 and 5. We started by editing out clothes they no longer fit in for don't wear. She had her younger daughter's clothes on the bottom rack and her oldest on the top. The 5yr. old can dress herself so we then switched her things to the bottom so she doesn't have to worry about reaching for her clothes. The baskets were useful for odds-n-ends, shorts and of course Pull-ups/Diapers. We even had time to organize their toys and books! I hope you find this useful and inspiring!


The green rug was a great touch to the theme for the bedroom.

White hangers can be found just about anywhere in bulks
for a great price!

White cubbies have 15 slots and their small enough
to fit tiny shoes! $27 @ Lowe's

Pulls-ups and Diapers

Their shorts are tiny enough to just fold in
half and we even color coordinated them.


Baskets are made by Closet Maid, about $7 for one at Target.

Bookshelf and baskets are great for tiny toys and odds-n-ends.

Happy Organizing Mommys!

Monday, July 16, 2012


Just a few of my favorite organization ideas and DYI projects!

I love this idea of storing behind your staircase!
C'est Magnifique!


DYI, paint your hangers any color you want, different colors.
Be creative!

Last but not least, my favorite of all!


Sunday, July 8, 2012

My new obsession!

Getting into organizing has brought along a new obsession of interior decorating! I got so inspired to redecorate my own room. I've always been into vintage looks and the idea of Paris. Anyone who knows me knows I love lace and blush pink. I decided to go all out by not only getting new bedsheets but also painting. And I had a lot of FUN!


The wall color was white, but I only
painted the back-wall a very light blush pink,
leaving most walls white.

Bookshelf at Target for $19! It's great
for additional storage and a nightstand.

I changed just the lamp shade leaving the
bottom peice. $9 at Walmart!

A touch of Paris
A basket at the end of your bed is great
for storing books or an extra blanket.

I found this basket at TJ Maxx for $14, I couldn't give it up
It's so big & cute!
I made this wooden shelf in 7th grade and
repainted it, which used to black.

I replaced my old shades for white ones to blend
with the bed sheets.
Hope you enjoyed! Happy organizing or should
 I say this time interior decorating!

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