Friday, December 12, 2014

Color Inspiration: Pinks, Oranges and GOLD

I love this vibrant color theme of pinks, oranges, corals with a dash of gold or sparkle! The black and white add a neutral touch to tone down the vibrancy! The use of these colors can be used on large pieces like chairs, dressers, or drawers. OR you can use them as a POP of color in you decor or trinkets like storage boxes or candles, frames, etc.

Bold chairs

Bold Dressers


Ikea's VITTSJO shelving unit + a spray can = gorgeous gold shelving!!


I hope this inspires you!

Happy organizing!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Holiday Gift Guide

Gift Guide
Items in this set

Bando acrylic drinkware $11

The world isn't complete without coffee!

H&M Ceramic bowl

This bowl can be used to store accessories, like bracelets or rings! Similar ones with different prints can be found at H&M.

Pillow Decor turquoise toss pillow $60

Add a bit of comfort to your dressing room!

2015 Daily planner $9.99

We all need our thoughts, plans and schedules organized! I always feel better writing everything down! Nothing is more satisfying than crossing something off your to-do list!

Kate Spade fig candle $40

Sit back, relax and "light up the room" with this soft, fig scented candle.

C Wonder jewelry storage $78
This gleaming, lacquered storage box is a great piece adding a personal touch.

Kate Spade small item storage $53

My absolute favorite storage box set. I love the mix of patterns and colors, they're a great size and can be used in any room of the house to store anything you'd like!

J Crew home décor $30

This ceramic plate can be used as a décor piece holding earrings or rings!

Word wall art $49

Add some décor to you dressing room to inspire!

Valentino orange flower perfume  $110

I never repeat perfume but this scent I cannot get enough of!

Elements of Style Designing a Home a Life $23

There's no better gift than a book! This can inspire as well as add a bit of décor to your table.

Jo Malone™ Lavender & Lovage Candle $65

This candle is Lavender & Lovage with the smell of rosemary, thyme and lavender. It's calm and very aromatic.

I hope this that been inspiring!
Happy Organizing

Friday, November 21, 2014

Fun Fridays

Your closet should not only be clutter free and organized, but should represent your personality! Have some fun and do what fits YOU best! Don't be afraid to use bright colors, prints, or patterns!

Use bold carpets or rugs like below:

Paint the inside of your closet or add funky wallpaper patterns. If you're renting your living space then peelable wallpaper is your best solution to a quick transformation. Wallpaper can be found at an affordable price in many places. Check out your local hardware store like Lowe's or Home Depot. Click the links below for a few of my favorites:


Be sure to use colorful boxes, bins or baskets for storage!

One Kings Lane (Set of 2) $49

Kate Spade Nesting Boxes (Set of 3) $54.00

This really awesome shop on Etsy. Click here
Add unique hooks, accents and décor to your closet, Personalize it!


Be sure to create an environment that you're comfortable with and have a little fun with it! Mix prints and patterns, let the colors peak to you, use décor and tools that you find useful! Hope you've been inspired!
Happy Organizing!

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