Monday, February 18, 2013

Finally! A Walk-In!

I've been wanting a walk-in closet for the longest time and not just a regular walk-in...I wanted a whole room to just make into a closet. I finally got the "half" the opportunity to do that, by making half of my room into a closet. I suckered my parents into giving me the master bedroom last year and have been wanting to create an ideal walk-in for myself. The room is basically a rectangle, with two closets on each side, giving me enough space to do whatever I want with it. Soo I decided to make one side of the room my closet, with an open layout and the other side my bed and a workspace. I never thought I would say this but I had soo much closet space with the two closets and all that open space. Pinterest is the best source for ideas! I had an empty closet on the side where I would put my bed and I wasn't sure what I would do with until I saw this picture...

The Inspiration

It is such a cozy little nook for me to study and keep up with work.
Table was found at IKEA. Click here for details

I found these boxes at IKEA, along with the blue ones below.
Click here and here

I love my label maker :)

Delicate details

The shelving unit was also found at IKEA, they come in different sizes and colors, and you can choose any type, color bracket you like.
Can you tell I have an obsession with Paris?
Full View
A full mirror was a must, considering it's the only wall that's not slanted in my room.


This rug was a STEAL, found at IKEA, of course...Click here.

I found this idea on Pinterest and LOVED it! 
Go Green! 
Recycle your bags and frame them!

Accessory section! Jewelry stand was found at Target for $19.99.
I improvised and used a wall mount hook for necklaces. I have enough wall space so why not use it!

I used a cookie jar for my bracelets...I ate all the cookies :)
The clear jar gives it a vintage look and I can see everything inside.

The ClosetMaid shelf can be found either at Target or a hardware store like Lowe's and Home Depot. It held all my clutches in place as well as my slots for undergarments.

Sweater galore! It's better to fold your sweaters than hang them up.

My hats are just hung up on a hook instead of stacked...utilizing wall space!

I used my second closet for all my tops, folding my t-shirts, tanks, etc. on the top shelf.
I originally had two shelves put in the bottom half to use for my shoes but I found a better place for those. I utilized those shelves for jeans, and other pants. 

I hope you find this inspiring! Stay Organized!


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