Tuesday, February 12, 2013

City Space Organizing

Living in a small apartment limits you with the space you have, but with the right tools and essentially the skills, I was able to turn this closet into something appealing. This is a charming apartment in the heart of Park Slope, overlooking beautiful Manhattan!

 Isn't this view a beauty? This apartment deserves an organized closet!

To the left, we have the beginning look before any work was started. It looks like there isn't much space for anything but in reality there was TONS of space in this great 3 door mirrored wardrobe from IKEA! (i'll even post the link below). The first two-three hours before we started the organization process, we sorted through every single piece of item that was in this closet. Though it was probably tough for this client to let go of a few things, in the end she got through it. We pulled out anything she hasn't worn in about 6 months- a year and decided she would either donate it or sell it! I'm all for setting up an eBay account! Give it a try, whatever doesn't sell can go to donation. Majority of what we went through, she forgot she even had. She was able to find things she's been looking for and also know that it's not something she wanted to keep. 
After about 3 hours of consolidating what was donation/selling worthy and what she wanted to keep, this is what it came to. Now came the organization process where I was able to establish what would go where. Every client is different and may require certain things to go certain places just because of convenience or personal preference. It's important though to create an appealing look with simple things, such as hangers and bins. We got rid of of the wire hangers that ruin your clothes and used the huggable, velvet hangers. These hangers are great space savers and make everything look unified. Don't be afraid to use color and mix it up a bit. I used black, blue and beige here. You can find them anywhere from Homegoods to Target to Bed, Bath & Beyond. 


Of course, I color coordinate everything, you're able to find items easier and it looks great.

We coordinated all her tops and pants to go into the main frame of the closet, since they are essentially what she uses the most. All her tops are on the top bar with a shelf underneath so they don't mix into the bottom bar. All her pants are on the bottom, put together in color order. She is able to find her black slacks together and brown/beige ones grouped together. 

The third door on the right was perfect to store other items such as blazers/jackets and skirts. 

The height of this wardrobe is pretty high, so the only way to utilize that top shelf without stuffing things up there was to use bins. She is able to just pull out the bin from the bottom and grab what she needs from inside. You can store anything you find convenient for yourself...in her case we stored accessories such as tights and scarfs and hats.

I hope you find this inspiring and helpful! Listed below are links where you can find these items....Happy Organizing!!

Time Spent: 6 hours
IKEA Wardrobe: Pax- 3 Door Wardrobe
Velvet Hangers: Target
Black bins: Lowe's- Closet Maid

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