Sunday, July 8, 2012

My new obsession!

Getting into organizing has brought along a new obsession of interior decorating! I got so inspired to redecorate my own room. I've always been into vintage looks and the idea of Paris. Anyone who knows me knows I love lace and blush pink. I decided to go all out by not only getting new bedsheets but also painting. And I had a lot of FUN!


The wall color was white, but I only
painted the back-wall a very light blush pink,
leaving most walls white.

Bookshelf at Target for $19! It's great
for additional storage and a nightstand.

I changed just the lamp shade leaving the
bottom peice. $9 at Walmart!

A touch of Paris
A basket at the end of your bed is great
for storing books or an extra blanket.

I found this basket at TJ Maxx for $14, I couldn't give it up
It's so big & cute!
I made this wooden shelf in 7th grade and
repainted it, which used to black.

I replaced my old shades for white ones to blend
with the bed sheets.
Hope you enjoyed! Happy organizing or should
 I say this time interior decorating!

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