Sunday, September 16, 2012

Closet Makeover

Organizing, organizing, organizing! It is the BEST feeling to walk into your closet and having no trouble finding the outfit you're looking for! That was not the case with this beautiful walk-in but we were able to clean it up and actually see the floor! We made all clothing, shoes available and visible so she can't miss a thing! I hope you like the turnout and are inspired to have your closet makeover!
AFTER, A visible floor!

A stool in your closet makes anything on the top shelf reachable.

I had the luxury of having sections already made in this closet so it made sectioning clothing easy! We seperated dresses onto one rack and tops onto another!
Baskets add a touch of elegance but also makes storing easier. Whatever you decide to store inside, it's easier to carry down the basket itself rather than pulling for that item, which may result in the whole pile to fall down. For example, we stored his and her cardigans inside these baskets. (Above and Below)
Purses are stored along side the baskets, visible and not in cardboard boxes.
Folding sweaters look presentable and save the fabric from ripping when you hang them.
Extra storage for scarves, belts, flip-flops, etc. Each drawer is labeled with what is inside with my Handy- Dandy Labelmaker!

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